Since 2009 Bedeck Company has been engaged in construction activities. The company dedicated its first income to the reconstruction of Vardavar Park in
Erebuni district of Yerevan.

From the very outset Bideck Company adopted the style of construction which invariably involves development and maintenance of green zones, use of energy-saving systems and innovative technologies. Bedeck Company adopted the philosophy of a nature-oriented activity which relies on technologies and substances most consistent with nature. Apart from the fact that we realize all of the abovementioned ourselves, we are also advocators of this type of
construction in the Republic of Armenia. We support the idea that any damage to nature should be compensated and be replenished to the full.

Bedeck Company deeply believes in the ideas it has adopted and implements them consistently.

Director Garnik Avetisyan
Legal Address Nekrasov 86, Yerevan, Armenia
Current Address Sasuntsi Davit 87a, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: 011 57 55 22
Ameriabank CJSC

15700 15 55 99 20 100 (AMD)

15700 15 55 99 20 101 (USD)

15700 15 55 99 20 146(EUR)

15700 15 55 99 20 158(RUB)
E-mail: info@bedeck.am